OAK ZONE is striving to become a leader in the biotechnology industry, provide customers with sustainable solutions in a broad range of industries, and help build better lives & environment for the future.

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Our History

  • 2001 Oak Zone Biotech, Ltd, a wholesale trade company specializing in biotech products, was established as the agent and distributor for Genencor International in Korean Market, focusing on: enzymes for bio-refinery, home and personal care, textiles & specialties. We won Genencor Top Regional Achiever Award in Asia Pacific region.
  • 2003 We built research and development capability in physics, chemistry & biology.
  • 2005 We expanded our office and are relocated in the Hyundai Venture-vill, a biotech cluster in Seoul.
  • 2007 We became the agent and distributor for Danisco in the Korean Market, focusing on: Enzymes for bio-refinery, cleaning, specialties, textile & Personal care. We won Genencor Award of Excellence.
  • 2010 We became the agent and distributor for Univar Colours in the Korean Market.
  • 2011 We became the agent and distributor for DuPont IB in the Korean Market, focusing on: Enzymes for bio-refinery, home and personal care, & specialties.
  • 2015 We won DuPont IB Award of Excellence in Asia Pacific Region.
  • 2018 We established a UK branch to expand our biotech business in the UK & EU region.
  • 2020

    We became the agent and distributor for Joysbio Biotechnology Co Ltd & Beijing Diagreat Biotechnology Co Ltd

    in the UK & Europe market, focusing on: In-vitro diagnostics for Covid-19.

    We also became the agent for Beijing H]C import & Export Co. Ltd in the Korea market,

    focusing on: medical devices.

  • 2023

    We became the distibutor for Univar Solutions in the Korean market,

    focusing on: functional plant extracts & high purity essential oils for nutraceutical & personal care industries.


  • Enzymes for bio-refinery, pharmaceutical & industrial applications
  • Cleaning agents for life sciences
  • Dye/Pigments for food, personal care, & pharmaceutical applications
  • Hydro-heating equipment
  • Food ingredients
  • In-vitro Diagnostics & Medical devices
  • Regulatory affairs & Product registration
  • Technical Consultation

Why Oak Zone?

Long history in the enzyme/ biotech/ chemical business

Oak Zone has been a distributor of the global enzyme manufacturers for 30 years in food, industrial & specialty applications. Oak Zone also has been a distributor of the global chemical manufacturer for 20 years. Such a long history has given us a strong customer relationship as well as deep knowledge in enzyme/biotech/checmical industries.

Broad Range of Expertise

Oak Zone has a excellent sales team with a backgrounds & field experience in food technology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, environmental system engineering & economics.

Broad-Spectrum Sales & Contacts

Oak Zone has a broad customer base from following industries:

Home & Personal Care

Good Customer Relationship

We pride ourselves on good customer relationships and strong technical expertise that are superior to our competitors.

Dedication & Enthusiasm

Oak Zone is striving to be the best in the field and to dedicate ourselves to the interests of our customers and the betterment of the environment.

Great Teamwork

Oak Zone is an active and flexible organization. Half of the Oak Zone team has been with Oak Zone for over 15 years. Working together for a long period of time has helped nurture a great teamwork in the business.