Oak Zone Biotech Ltd is a Korean biotechnology company, founded in 2001, which offers wholesale products to commercial clients.

From our base in Seoul’s biotechnology cluster, Oak Zone Biotech Ltd serves a range of clients acting as a full-service, wholesale importer, exporter, and consultant of a portfolio of biotechnology products. Our clients include many of Korea’s leading manufacturing brands across industry verticals.

We have a highly experienced, dedicated team of biotechnology professionals, specializing in the enzymes for bio-refinery, industrial, & pharmaceutical applications, disinfectant cleaning agents for life sciences, dyes / pigments, food ingredients, and hydro-heating equipment for diverse industries.

Oak Zone Biotech Ltd has a partnership with a number of international suppliers who retain a strong global network and market presence: DuPont, Biocatalysts, Connell Bros, Univar, Borer Chemie, and Shin Nihon Chemical to name a few. We work directly with manufacturers to import and wholesale their products into the Korean and other Asian markets.

With a long and successful history in the enzyme / biotech / chemical business, Oak Zone Biotech Ltd is striving to become a leader in the biotech industry, offering an end-to-end suite of services to clients, and pursuing sustainable, innovative solutions to build a better environment for the future.

Product Portfolio

  1. Enzymes for bio-refinery, pharmaceutical & industrial applications
  2. Cleaning agents for life sciences
  3. Dye/Pigments for food, personal care, & pharmaceutical applications
  4. Hydro-heating equipment
  5. Food ingredients
  6. IVD & Medical Devices

We Specialize in

  • Cleansing Agents for Life Sciences

    Products for Lab / Pharmaceutical Application, and Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

  • Home & Personal Care Enzymes

    Amylase, Cellulase, Mannanase, Pectinase, Perotease

  • In-vitro Devices

    Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit / Antibody Test Kit, Glucometer, Heat Sealing Sterilization Pouches

  • Food Ingredients / Dyes / Pigments

    Whey Proteain Isolate, Whey Protein, Alpha-Lactalbumin, & Guar Gum Powder

    Iron Oxides, Lake Colors, Edicol Water Soluble Dyes, FD&C Water Soluble Dyes

  • Bio-Refinery Enzymes

    Amylase, Cellulase Gluco-amylase, Pullulanase, Glucose-isomerase, Transglucosidase

  • Hydro-Heater Equipment

    Hydro-Heating Systems for Food, Sweeteners, Chemical, Bio-fuel, Water heating, Pulp & Recovery Industries