Bio-Refinery Enzymes

Processing Sweetner from Grain


Enzyme technologies are utilized in processing sweeteners from grains to improve process performance, economics, and final product quality. We offer a range of bio-refinery enzymes for the liquefaction, saccharification, and fermentation process for both wet-mill and dry-grind production.

To develop the best processing methods, our technical support team works closely with customers to understand their specific applications and challenges, and collaborates with enzyme manufacturers. Collaborative work helps customers create maximum value from grain and create a sustainable solution to the environment.

  1. α-amylase: A starch hydrolyzing α-amylase for liquefaction process, products available for high temp & low pH application
  2. β-amylase: β-amylase extracted from a plant source for the production of maltose syrups
  3. Cellulase: Enzymes for reducing viscosity and improving separation of different grain fractions in wet-mill production and starch industry
  4. Gluco-amylase: GA enzymes intended for the production of glucose from liquefied starch
  5. Glucose-isomerase: Immobilized enzymes with unique physical and functional properties for the production of high fructose syrup
  6. Pullulanase: Debranching enzymes intended for use with saccharifying enzymes, glucoamylase and β-amylase to produce high dextrose and high maltose syrups respectively
  7. Transglucosidase: Transferring enzymes intended for production of isomalto-oliosaccharides